We help needy people to provide medical help and save their life.


With the help of Medical aid, we save someone’s life and make a difference.


Donation is not just giving, but it is about making a difference.


Help the needy to make their skill into a career.

A help to those who need it

Each donation is an essential
help for everyone's life

New Sustainability

Sustainability is the ability to respond strategically and effectively to such external changes. We revise our mission and objectives accordingly, access new sources of income, and adapt new systems and processes to meet the new challenges to help the needy people. Our four pillars of sustainability are Human, social, economic, and environmental.


Free Volunteering

Volunteer in our NGO for free and you’ll get a new experience while enjoying the adventure with Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation. A happy and remunerating volunteering experience can bring about some more. We encourage and welcome people for volunteer chances and volunteer enlistment, to be an active part of our association and offer a similar vision and reason as us – to work for the government assistance of youngsters and their families.


Support Us

You can help a child escape from the obligations of poverty through our donation online. It allows you to bless extraordinary advantages to that kid for a low monthly and yearly contribution. Your donation will guarantee that the child gets training, medical services as well as nutritional help through each period of his/her young life. Help a child discover the joy of learning and join us in our attempt to put Every Child in School!

NGO Event

Essential contributions

Choose the perfect help plan for you

We are thankful for your donation. You can choose a perfect help plan according to your choice. Your support makes this happen. Click the button and make a general donation.


1,200 ₹


  • Fees of two students.
  • Study material of two students.
  • Books for two students.
  • Dresses for two students.


1,200 ₹


  • Go for study of child
  • Go for planting trees
  • Skill development 
  • For Women empowerment
  • Health care 

What information do we collect?

When you donate, attend an event, or volunteer with Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation, we may ask for information such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and other relevant information. Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation uses cookies to facilitate authentication and personalization across our web systems. Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation uses only anonymous information (such as IP address) to track how our online visitors use our website. This data is sometimes stored using cookies.

How do we use your information?

Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation uses personally identifiable information you provide about yourself: To process your donation. To send you a receipt for your donation. To send you a card to say thanks for your donation. To respond to your questions or comments about Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation. To send you additional information about Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary FoundationProjects. To send you solicitations for impending occasions that may interest you.