Mission Education

Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation addresses gaps in education systems with innovative, low-cost, replicable interventions that reach the age spectrum. In “direct” work, a Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation’s instructor works with children either in the school or in the community. Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary’s Foundation approach to improving learning outcomes continues to serve as a model, both within India and beyond.

Mission Education is a national level program of Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation, an NGO for education that is dedicated to providing basic education to underprivileged children. Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation, an NGO for poor child education believes that whether you are addressing poverty, population control, unemployment, or human rights, there’s no better place to start than in the corridors of education. Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation educational initiatives include Pre-school [3-6 yrs], Non-Formal Education [6-14 yrs non-school going], and Remedial Education [6-14 yrs school going]. Special accentuation is given to girl education and women’s education so that they and their families get Empowered.

Junior Childhood Education

Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary foundation’s Youth Education program works for the all-encompassing advancement of kids in the age gathering of 3-6 years using neighborhood assets, minimal effort and proper material, and inclusion of parental figures. To improve youngsters’ essential capacities, Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary foundation centers around five expansive formative areas.

Physical Development

Grow fine and gross engine aptitudes, alongside pre-composing capacities

Socio-Emotional Development

Figure out how to adjust to another setting and individuals, work in gatherings, singular, collaboration and relational aptitudes

Cognitive Development

Create essential critical thinking and pre-math capacities. for example, coordinating and tallying, alongside information on tones, shape, images, etc.

Language Development

Create essential jargon and improve the capacity to communicate thoughts unhesitatingly, both independently and in gatherings

Creative Development

Create inventive capacities, creative mind, and tasteful appreciation

Youth is where mental health is at its pinnacle. Cultivating the privilege formative capacities in youngsters at this childhood stage has been firmly connected with improved results. for example, better readiness for school, upgraded maintenance, and fewer conduct issues. Nonetheless, difficulties of destitution, unhealthiness, and the absence of satisfactory assets can prompt inadequacies in incitement at this age, which can obstruct the kid’s turn of events, bringing about constant and exacerbated difficulties further down the road.

Primary Schooling

Over 95% of Indian youngsters in the age bunch 6 to 14 are tried out of school. Even though these kids have been in school for quite a long while, many have not procured the fundamental abilities that are basic for pushing forward. The test is the way to empower such kids to procure essential perusing and number juggling, rapidly and strongly so they get a genuine opportunity to finish the rudimentary stage significantly. 

Throughout the long term,  Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary’s Foundation drives have crossed the whole age range from Grade I to Grade VIII. Notwithstanding, a significant part of the work over the most recent twenty years has been with offspring of elementary young and generally centered around guaranteeing that youngsters figure out how to pursue fluidly and to do number-crunching certainly. Across all projects,  Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation accepts that each youngster should have the occasion to learn. To learn, it is basic to be roused and locked in. To develop well and flourish, a youngster needs to be upheld from the school, yet additionally from the family and the network.

The Right to Education law in India ensures free and obligatory tutoring to all kids up to Grade 8. Notwithstanding, for an assortment of reasons, (for example, distance, cost, access, financial limitations, and social boundaries) numerous understudies exit school or cease their schooling. This wonder is significantly more articulated for young ladies and young ladies, particularly in rustic territories. 

The difficulties of returning the training framework and getting to additional learning openings are enormous, particularly for youngsters who didn’t complete rudimentary or optional school. While India has open tutoring openings, there is an absence of mindfulness and satisfactory inspiration and backing for an understudy to utilize open tutoring as a method of proceeding with their schooling.

Senior Secondary Digital Initiatives

The Hybrid learning program includes getting kids in the age bunch 10-14 of every town to shape their gatherings of 5-6 every, hence empowering them to co-make a learning space inside their locale. Advanced gadgets and substances set straightforwardly in the possession of youngsters giving them openings and decisions to learn all alone. Network-based kids’ gatherings participate in decision-based learning and are guided by the mentors and youth individuals in the networks. The people group is coordinated to encourage and uphold learning exercises and appraisals. 

The program plans to make an open learning component empowering youngsters and youth to get ready for school, work, and life. The program has been planned for the reason that youngsters can be persuaded to learn all alone. Kids learn on tablets and do ventures or lead exercises and afterward present what they have realized either before a live crowd of guardians or on a video.

Higher Education

Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation comes up with different plans related to education. They give higher education to the students who are good in studies. This program utilizes imaginative instructing strategies, to give available and moderate learning openings near where the understudies live. The goal was to prepare youth from financially burdened foundations (age 18‐25 years) and furnish them with employable aptitudes, combined with admittance to business and business venture openings. Today the Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation programs the nation to empower youth to get to passage level positions and situations in 10 significant jobs. We provide multi-program camps to train the youth and make them independent. for example- computer training, o level,c++, etc. We provide employment to the needy people through Rojgar Mela.