Terms & Conditions

Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation is grateful to all of its supporters including those who contribute time, material, and/or money to help us continue doing our work.  Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation maintains strict donor privacy policies to protect the integrity and privacy of personal information gathered from our supporters and visitors through all of our communication mediums, as well as from guest to our Websites and MobileApp and those who donate through them.

Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation does not sell exchange or rent your personal information to any organization or individual. We will not unveil personal information to any other association or individual other than that necessary to transact, fulfill, and or account for online donations that you have authorized.

Shri Ram Chandra Chaudhary Foundation will only use your phone number and email address if we need to verify information or to thank you for your contribution, ask for your school of thought, approve your assistance, or invite you to a special event.